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The landlord and tenant reference guides offer recommendations for building owners looking to implement green leasing practices across their portfolios. We also offer sample lease clauses, case studies, and recorded trainings.

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RMI: Best Practices for Leasing Net-Zero Energy Buildings

IMT: Landlord-Tenant Energy Partnership Efficiency Toolkit

Why Landlords Should Take the Lead on Installing Submeter Technology

A Team Effort: Balancing Energy Efficiency and Reimagining the Office Space (Webinar)

Webinar: The Business Case for High-Performing Buildings v2.0

Webinar: A Conversation with Green Lease Leaders

Unlocking Hidden Value in Class B/C Office Buildings

Measuring the Potential Impact of Green Leases in the U.S. Office Sector

Behind-the-scenes: How Cincinnati is Improving Energy Equity

Bringing Green Leases to Multifamily Buildings

Green Lease Leaders