Applying to the Green Lease Leaders program is an important way to show your company’s commitment to corporate Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) or net zero goals.

Green leases also provide substantial operational savings for building owners and landlords, up to 22% or higher with performance-based leases. For landlords and building owners operating in cities with passed building performance standards, green leases are instrumental in meeting energy target compliance requirements.

Our audit tool provides a quick assessment of your leasing strategy related to green leasing best practices to see if your company would qualify for the program. The reference guide and application checklist will prepare you to apply.

Tenant reference guide

This document provides guidance to tenants on how to comply with and implement green leasing standards and achieve recognition as a Green Lease Leader for their efforts.

I’m ready to apply

If you’ve used our audit tool, gathered required documentation, and reviewed our guide, you’re ready to apply!

I still have questions

We have answers to many commonly asked questions in our FAQ.

Application Checklist

By reviewing the checklist of requirements, you’ll know what documents and information are needed to apply for Green Lease Leader recognition. Be prepared!

  • Sustainability contacts in approved format  
  • Estimated percentage of total square footage of portfolio meeting each credit being pursued
  • Standard lease template and/or corporate policy, procurement, or guidelines, with appropriate sections highlighted, meeting the requirements of each credit being pursued for Silver 
  • Executed lease, and/or corporate policy, procurement, or guidelines, with appropriate sections highlighted, AND Silver level documentation (standard lease and/or corporate policy) meeting the requirements of each credit being pursued for Gold and Platinum levels
  • Documentation that each credit being pursued is implemented and tracked for Gold and Platinum levels