Collaboration across industries is essential to creating better buildings and making green leases mainstream.

The Green Lease Leaders Team Transaction category recognizes individual transactions where landlords, tenants, brokers, asset managers, lawyers, or other parties come together to develop innovative leasing solutions that improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings. The award will focus on specific transactions where both parties bring sustainability goals to the table.

Guidelines for the team award are:

  • Contact the Green Lease Leaders team to discuss your team transaction before applying
  • All submissions must feature at least two parties collaborating to advance green leasing concepts and high-performance buildings (e.g. landlord and tenant; landlord, broker and tenant, etc.)
  • Executed leases and other documentation must meet at least two prerequisites and at least five credits from the minimum criteria of the Tenant and/or Landlord recognition criteria. For example, the lease may comply with one prerequisite from the Landlord criteria and one prerequisite from the Tenant criteria
  • Submissions will be the considered by the Green Lease Leaders recognition program on a case-by-case basis

Application Checklist

By reviewing the checklist of requirements, you’ll know what documents and information are needed to apply for Green Lease Leader recognition. Be prepared!

  • Sustainability contacts in approved format  
  • Estimated percentage of total square footage of portfolio meeting each credit being pursued
  • Standard lease template and/or corporate policy, procurement, or guidelines, with appropriate sections highlighted, meeting the requirements of each credit being pursued for Silver 
  • Executed lease, and/or corporate policy, procurement, or guidelines, with appropriate sections highlighted, AND Silver level documentation (standard lease and/or corporate policy) meeting the requirements of each credit being pursued for Gold and Platinum levels
  • Documentation that each credit being pursued is implemented and tracked for Gold and Platinum levels