Are you curious about green or net zero leasing but aren’t sure how it can benefit your organization? In this webinar recording, you’ll learn from industry leaders about the basics of green leasing, how it applies for all building sectors, and how green leasing can distinguish your organization from peers. The webinar highlights how property owners and tenants can create mutually beneficial leases by negotiating clauses that create accountability for both sides—on such topics as submetering, cost recovery, data sharing, and efficiency standards.

This webinar is the first in a series designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of green leasing and empower action. Look out for our upcoming webinars, which will take a deeper look into how to engage all stakeholders involved in the leasing process and how to implement green leasing: Green Leasing 101 for Brokers and Green Leasing 201. Speakers included:

  • Marla Thalheimer, Senior Director of Business Engagement, IMT
  • Kara Kokernak, Senior Director at ULI
  • Paulina Torres, Research Manager, Sustainability & ESG at JLL


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Green Lease Leaders