The BBP has produced a comprehensive Toolkit for green leases to enable owners and occupiers of commercial buildings to work together to reduce the environmental impact of their buildings.

This guidance is non-prescriptive, helping owners and occupiers to agree carbon, energy, waste and water reduction strategies which best fit with the circumstances of individual properties. With the help of this Toolkit it is possible for any owner or occupier to positively engage in developing practical ways to effect significant positive change, ultimately accelerating the process of making the UK’s existing commercial properties more sustainable.

The Toolkit includes the following:

  • Non-prescriptive best practice recommendations by which, through a partnership approach, owners and occupiers can agree appropriate arrangements to best fit with the circumstances of individual properties.
  • A model Memorandum of Understanding which can be used in full or in part and which parties can enter into at any stage of a lease.
  • Model Form Green Lease Clauses which the BBP believes should be included in new and renewal leases as a minimum as best practice. The extent to which these clauses are used will depend on the parties’ ambitions and what is appropriate for individual circumstances.

BBP members are currently trialing the Toolkit and we encourage the market to do the same.


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