To stimulate leadership and support the delivery of better buildings across the commercial real estate sector, the Better Buildings Partnership (BBP) has today launched its revitalized Green Lease Toolkit.

The comprehensive online Toolkit contains legal clauses in nearly 20 key areas, covering topics such as building management, circular economy, waste and renewable energy. Its dynamic approach offers suggested drafting variations categorized as “light”, “medium” or “dark”, accommodating users at various stages of their green leasing journey. Additionally, the Toolkit introduces a new Green Lease Essentials section, outlining a vision for minimum expectations on what green leases should include.

The Green Lease Toolkit caters to a diverse audience, including property owners, occupiers, letting agents, lawyers, managing agents, investors and analysts. All of these stakeholders can benefit from the toolkit content, with the overall objective being to identify actions of mutual value, fostering greater alignment and co-operation to improve the sustainability of commercial buildings.


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