How do i green a lease?

Green leasing practices (also called “energy-aligned” or “high-performance” leases) allow tenants and landlords to collaborate and save energy, reduce costs, and achieve organizational sustainability goals. This collection of green leasing resources provides useful guidance for anyone looking to implement green leases in their portfolios. 

Helpful resources

Green Lease Language Examples cover page

Green Lease Language Examples

This resource consolidates a variety of green lease language options for more efficiently designed and operated spaces

Model Performance-Based Lease Template cover

Model Performance-Based Lease Template

This model performance-based lease template helps landlords and tenants benefit from energy efficiency improvements.

Green Lease Leaders Reference Guide for Landlords

Green Lease Leaders: Reference Guide for Landlords (Updated 2022)

This resource provides guidance to landlords on how to achieve recognition as a Green Lease Leader.

Green Lease Leaders: Reference Guide for Tenants

This resource provides guidance to tenants on how to achieve recognition as a Green Lease Leader.

Getting started with perfomance-based leasing cover

Getting Started with Performance-Based Leasing

An overview of performance-based leasing for commercial building owners and tenants.

High-Performance Leases cover

High-Performance Leases: A Solution for Reducing Carbon Emissions in Commercial Buildings

This Environmental Law in New York article explains how high-performance leases or performance-based leases can improve energy efficiency in commercial buildings

Summary of Model Performance-Based Lease Provisions cover

Summary of Model Performance-Based Lease Provisions

An overview of key provisions in IMT's model performance-based lease template

A Team Effort: Balancing Energy Efficiency and Reimagining the Office Space (Webinar)

Tenant energy efficiency is key for driving down energy use in buildings. Learn how three industry-leading programs—Green Lease Leaders, Urban Land Institute’s Tenant Energy Optimization Program (TEOP), and ENERGY STAR Tenant Space, together can guide building owners in optimizing energy savings in the rapidly changing work environment.

Access recording slides here.

Why Landlords Should Take the Lead on Installing Submeter Technology

There are noteworthy benefits that landlords are able to reap by investing in submeters for their tenant spaces. IMT’s research identified the following top five benefits.

Electric Submetering System for Leased SpaceElectric Submetering System for Leased Space

A quick-reference guide for landlords and tenants considering an electric submetering system for leased spaces.

Small office build out tips

Better Buildings Alliance: Small Office Build Out Tips

Build-out or tenant improvement offers great opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of your space. A few simple decisions can help to reduce your occupancy costs and ensure a healthy environment for your employees.

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